Edtech Deals

I'm researching all Edtech acquisitions that have taken place over the last several years and tracking them here. This list will be updated frequently.

147 Edtech Deals | Last Updated: June 12th, 2024

  1. ProSolutions Training     StraighterLine

    StraighterLine acquired ProSolutions Training, a professional development division of Care Solutions, Inc. that provides training for early childhood educators.

  2. Texthelp     n2y

    Texthelp merged with n2y, a provider of behavior and communication solutions with an IEP development and management tool.

  3. Cornerstone     Talespin

    Cornerstone acquired Tailspin, an AI virtual learning platform that offers VR training, AR performance support and skills analytics solutions.

  4. Skillshare     Superpeer

    Skillshare acquired Superpeer, a content creation platform that helps users create online courses and manage livestreams.

  5. EduNav     Ellucian

    Ellucian acquired EduNav, a student academic planning and optimization software for the higher education market.

  6. Writable     Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt acquired Writable, an instruction and assessment tool for K-12 writing education.

  7. Financial Fitness Group     iGrad

    iGrad acquired Financial Fitness Group, a financial content platform for financial advisors.

  8. RMC Learning Solutions     Peterson's

    Peterson's acquired RMC Learning Solutions, a provider of project management, business analysis and agile training services.

  9. Livingtree     Follett School Solutions

    Follett School Solutions acquired Livingtree, a fundraising platform for schools.

  10. Allovue     PowerSchool

    PowerSchool acquired Allovue, a software platform that K-12 school districts create and manage budgets.

  11. OnScreen     Learning Pool

    Learning Pool acquired OnScreen, a digital adoption platform providing employees with tutorials, workflows and support.

  12. Parchment     Instructure $835mm

    Instructure acquired Parchment, an official transcript and credentialing platform with over 15,000 customers. Parchment has exchanged over 165 million credentials.

  13. DreamBox Learning     Discovery Education

    Discovery Education acquired DreamBox Learning, a PK-12 edtech company focused primarily on math, that serves over 6,000,000 students.

  14. eLamp     360Learning

    360Learning acquired eLamp,an AI-powered skills platform focused on manufacturing and highly technical industries.

  15. SchoolMessenger     PowerSchool $300mm

    Powerschool acquired SchoolMessenger, a provider of tools to reach parents across all communication channels for emergency alerts, permission slips, waivers and student safety.

  16. University of Phoenix     University of Idaho $550mm

    University of Idaho acquired University of Phoenix, a for-profit University with over 75,000 enrolled students.

  17. NWEA     Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt acquired NWEA, a K-12 learning outcomes and assessment company.

  18. GL Education     Renaissance Learning

    Renaissance Learning acquired GL Education, expanding it's assessment and learning analytics offering.

  19. KnowledgeVine     Alliant Insurance Services

    Alliant Insurance Services acquired KnowledgeVine, a leader in human performance improvement.

  20. Fluentify     Voxy

    Voxy acquired Fluentify, who specializes in language training for professionals.

  21. Learnlight     Synova

    Synova acquired Learnlight, Learnlight, an innovative digital language and skills training provider.

  22. Quottly     Parchment

    Parchment acquired Quottly, a course and program sharing platform for colleges and universities

  23. Pearson Online     Regent

    Regent acquired Pearson Online, an online program management (OPM) company that provides customized marketing, enrollment and student support services for universities.

  24. Akademos     Vital Source Technologies

    Vital Source Technologies acquired Akademos, a online, custom bookstore solution for institutions.

  25. Knowledge Planet Centre     Physics Wallah

    Physics Wallah acquired Knowledge Planet Centre, an entrance exam preparation institution.

  26. Efficient Learning     Uworld

    Uworld acquired Efficient Learning, who provides computer-based exam reviews for students.

  27. Readlee     Paper

    Paper acquired Readlee, an AI speech SaaS platform to enhance reading capability.

  28. Datascientest     OMNES Education

    OMNES Education acquired Datascientest, an online school in Data, Tech, and Cybersecurity.

  29. Whooo's Reading     Savvas Learning

    Savvas Learning acquired Whooo's Reading, an AI that helps students improve reading comprehension.

  30. LifeLabs Learning     Atairos

    Atairos acquired LifeLabs Learning, creators of Manager CORE training - an upskilling platform for employees and managers used by over 2,000 organizations.

  31. FlagHouse     School Specialty

    School Specialty acquired FlagHouse, a supplier of physical education products and equipment to camps.

  32. EPS School Specialty     Excolere Equity Partners

    Excolere Equity Partners acquired EPS School Specialty, a leading PreK–12 curriculum company providing supplemental ELA and math solutions.

  33. Teachers Pay Teachers     IXL Learning

    IXL Learning acquired Teachers Pay Teachers, an online marketplace for teachers to buy, sell and share educational materials.

  34. Blankenship Associates     MeTEOR Education

    MeTEOR Education acquired Blankenship Associates, a provider of educational ecosystem development services.

  35. Tools 4 Reading     95 Percent Group

    95 Percent Group acquired Tools 4 Reading, a provider of training resources that combines the science of reading and classroom practice.

  36. Traffic Think Tank     Semrush

    Semrush acquired Traffic Think Tank, a marketing education company and community.

  37. Accelerate Learning     Providence Equity Partners

    Providence Equity Partners acquired Accelerate Learning, a provider of STEM curriculum for the K-12 education.

  38. Aspire Education     EMZ Partners

    EMZ Partners acquired Aspire Education, a provider of orientation and application coaching, IT trainings, seminars and high school exchange programs across 80 locatioins in Austria and Germany.

  39. Enhanced Prep     Study.com

    Study.com acquired Enhanced Prep, a private virtual tutoring company.

  40. Kivuto Solutions     Valsoft

    Valsoft acquired Kivuto Solutions, providing academic digital asset distribution and management solutions to educational institutions.

  41. Winsor Learning     Imagine Learning

    Imagine Learning acquired Winsor Learning, a supplemental literacy products company.

  42. Really Great Reading     The Vistria Group

    The Vistria Group acquired Really Great Reading, a web-based literacy skills curriculum for K-3 students.

  43. Academia Group     Uptime Institute

    Uptime Institute acquired Academia Group, a technical education company for the digital infrastructure industry.

  44. MSB School Services     Craftsman Capital

    Craftsman Capital acquired MSB School Services, a special education consulting firm.

  45. Talent Neuron     Leeds Equity

    Leeds Equity acquired Talent Neuron, a company that operates a labor market analytics tool for human resources leaders.

  46. Thesis     SilverTree

    SilverTree acquired Thesis, a cloud based system that provides student information management for higher ed.

  47. KnowBe4     Vista Equity

    Vista Equity acquired KnowBe4, a global security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, used by more than 56,000 customers.

  48. xSEL Labs     7 Mindsets

    7 Mindsets acquired xSEL Labs, an assessments solution to measure students’ social and emotional learning.

  49. TSG Training     Progility

    Progility acquired TSG Training, an IT and software training company.

  50. Gabbart Communications     ParentSquare

    ParentSquare acquired Gabbart Communications, a website and content management system.

  51. Transtech     Polar Peak Capital

    Polar Peak Capital acquired Transtech, a CDL training school and testing administrator.

  52. Hubble Studios     Noodle

    Noodle acquired Hubble Studios, an international company that develops online education content and technology.

  53. TestOut     CompTIA

    CompTIA acquired TestOut, a training company that prepares students for IT certifications.

  54. BASE Education     7 Mindsets

    7 Mindsets acquired BASE Education, a student social-emotional learning (SEL) and mental health platform.

  55. Accelebrate     Axcel

    Axcel acquired Accelebrate, an IT training company.

  56. Catalyst Speech Language Pathology     The Stepping Stones Group

    The Stepping Stones Group acquired Catalyst Speech Language Pathology, a California-based provider of speech-language pathology services to schools.

  57. Driving Dynamics     Smith System

    Smith System acquired Driving Dynamics, who provides driver safety training services to corporate fleet drivers.

  58. NurseTim     Wolters Kluwer Health

    Wolters Kluwer Health acquired NurseTim, an NCLEX test prep company.

  59. Presidio Graduate School     University of Redlands

    University of Redlands acquired Presidio Graduate School, a non-profit University offering MBA and MPA programs.

  60. SoFlo SAT Tutoring     Higher Education Association

    Higher Education Association acquired SoFlo SAT Tutoring, an SAT and ACT preparation company.

  61. Web Courseworks     Forj

    Forj acquired Web Courseworks, the makers of the learning management system CourseStage.

  62. AdvanceOnline Solutions     360training.com

    360training.com acquired AdvanceOnline Solutions, a video-based content provider that helps companies comply with federal health and safety regulations.

  63. iNeuron Intelligence     Physics Wallah

    Physics Wallah acquired iNeuron Intelligence, an India-based provider of affordable online tech courses.

  64. Spear Education     Avista Capital

    Avista Capital acquired Spear Education, a provider of digital and in-person clinical training for dentists.

  65. e.Republic     Leeds Equity Partners

    Leeds Equity Partners acquired e.Republic, a media, research, data, and events company.

  66. EGN     Vistage Worldwide

    Vistage Worldwide acquired EGN, a global peer group for business executives with over 16,000 members.

  67. e.Republic     Leeds Equity Partners

    Leeds Equity Partners acquired e.Republic, a media, research, data, and events company.

  68. LearnPlatform     Instructure

    Instructure acquired LearnPlatform, an edtech management platform that helps educators manage and measure the impact of their digital learning tools.

  69. APEX Anesthesia Review     Truelearn

    Truelearn acquired APEX Anesthesia Review, an exam preparation company for student registered nurse anesthetist and continuing education for current nurse anesthetists.

  70. Access-It Software     Follett School Solutions

    Follett School Solutions acquired Access-It Software, an international global library management system with over 4,000 customers.

  71. Cumulus Technology Services     Apogee Telecom

    Apogee Telecom acquired Cumulus Technology Services, a provider of secure cloud services for higher education and an AWS Consulting Partner.

  72. Smore     SchoolStatus

    SchoolStatus acquired Smore, a K-12 email newsletter provider serving 1 million educators across 10,000 schools.

  73. Boards and Beyond     McGraw-Hill Education

    McGraw-Hill Education acquired Boards and Beyond, an on-demand video library and comprehensive resource for medical students to learn basic sciences and clinical medicine.

  74. Aktiv Learning     Top Hat

    Top Hat acquired Aktiv Learning, a developer of interactive problem solving activities, assessments, and other learning resources for STEM students.

  75. FutureLearn     Global University Systems

    Global University Systems acquired FutureLearn, an online education platform that offers access to courses from leading universities and organizations.

  76. Compliance Learning     LRN Corporation

    LRN Corporation acquired Compliance Learning (Thomson Reuters), a global compliance education and training company.

  77. Fullstack Academy     Simplilearn Solutions

    Simplilearn Solutions acquired Fullstack Academy, a New York-based software development school specializing in - development, cybersecurity, data analytics, DevOps, and product management.

  78. Willo Labs     Follett Higher Education Group

    Follett Higher Education Group acquired Willo Labs, an SSO solution for instiutions to manage digital course materials within their LMS.

  79. Proofread Anywhere     Onfolio Holdings $4.49mm

    Onfolio Holdings acquired Proofread Anywhere, a company that offers proofreading skills courses to become a professional proofreader.

  80. BrainPOP     KIRKBI

    KIRKBI acquired BrainPOP, a producer of animated educational videos for K-12 students. They are in two-thirds of U.S. districts, representing over 25 million students.

  81. Gunner Made     Duolingo

    Duolingo acquired Gunner Made, an illustration and animation studio.

  82. iGrad     Aztec Software

    Aztec Software acquired iGrad, a web-based financial literacy platform for financial wellness education and loan management resources used by over 1.2 million students across 500 schools and organizations.

  83. EduMind     Axcel

    Axcel acquired EduMind, an exam preparation business for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Professional Engineer (PE) exams.

  84. Anthology     Class Technologies $210mm

    Class Technologies, Inc. acquired Anthology's Blackboard Collaborate videoconference platform that's integrated with the Blackboard LMS.

  85. Education Networks of America     Zayo Group

    Zayo Group acquired Education Networks of America, a network connectivity, communications and cybersecurity services provider for K-12 school districts.

  86. EdCast     Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone OnDemand acquired EdCast, a talent & learning experience platform for employee training and career mobility.

  87. CampusLogic     Ellucian

    Ellucian acquired CampusLogic, a student financial aid solutions provider, supporting 800 higher education institutions and over 5 million students.

  88. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company     Veritas Capital

    Veritas Capital acquired Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company, a provider of K–12 core curriculum, supplemental and intervention solutions, and professional learning services to over 50 million students and 4 million educators across 150 countries.

  89. Codecademy     Skillsoft

    Skillsoft acquired Codecademy, a global provider of online self-paced coding courses to over 40 million registered learners.

  90. KeyPhonics     Renaissance Learning

    Renaissance Learning acquired KeyPhonics, a platform designed to help students in 1st - 6th grade improve early literacy.

  91. Scribbr     Course Hero

    Course Hero acquired Scribbr, a proofreading, editing, and citation service for academic writing.

  92. Discovery Education     Clearlake Capital

    Clearlake Capital acquired Discovery Education, a global provider of K-12 digital curriculum to educators and students.

  93. TeachBoost     SchoolStatus

    SchoolStatus acquired TeachBoost, a K-12 focused edtech company that builds tools to support educator observations, evaluations, and coaching.

  94. Rubicon Publishing     Savvas Learning Company

    Savvas Learning Company acquired Rubicon Publishing, the provider of the K-8 math program MathUP.

  95. Clutch Prep     Pearson

    Pearson acquired Clutch Prep, an online video-tutoring service based on college textbooks.

  96. Seneca Learning     GoStudent

    GoStudent acquired Seneca Learning, a UK-based homework and revision platform used by over 7 million students.

  97. Kinvolved     PowerSchool

    PowerSchool acquired Kinvolved, a K-12 communications platform used by over 250,000 students for attendance tracking and enagement.

  98. Credly     Pearson

    Pearson acquired Credly, a platform for organizations to verify, share and manage digital badges and credentials.

  99. Augusoft     Modern Campus

    Modern Campus acquired Augusoft, an enrollment management company continuing and corporate education.

  100. Signal Vine     Modern Campus

    Modern Campus acquired Signal Vine, a text messaging service for higher education institutions that improves student retention and persistence.

  101. Looop     360Learning $20mm

    360Learning acquired Looop, a corporate learning management system.

  102. CatchOn     Lightspeed Systems

    Lightspeed Systems acquired Catchon, a K-12 learning analytics and digital tool provider.

  103. West Academic     BARBRI

    BARBRI acquired West Academic, a print and digital publisher of casebooks, study guides, and legal materials.

  104. TeachNow     Colibri

    Colibri acquired TeachNow, an online teacher certification preparation program and degree granting institution.

  105. GeoGebra     BYJU'S

    BYJU'S acquired GeoGebra, a mathematics software for geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus.

  106. Kickboard     PowerSchool

    PowerSchool acquired Kickboard, a behavior management solution that helps educators managed Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

  107. Whiteboard Higher Education     Huron Consulting Group

    Huron Consulting Group acquired Whiteboard Higher Education, an education advising company focused on recruitment initiatives and financial aid strategies.

  108. Finalsite     Veritas Capital

    Veritas Capital acquired Finalsite, a global software platform that enables schools to provide a centralized digital campus to facilitate better communication and engagement.

  109. ProQuest     Clarivate $5.3B

    Clarivate acquired ProQuest, a content and library services provider for universities, companies, governments, public schools and libraries.

  110. edX     2U $800mm

    2U acquired edX, a global online education provider through MOOCs and interactive online classes in partnership with leading institutions.

  111. Kimono     Instructure

    Instructure acquired Kimono, a global K-12 and higher education integration solutions developer serving over 27,000 schools and 16 million students.

  112. Achieve3000     McGraw-Hill Education

    McGraw-Hill Education acquired Achieve3000, a learning platform with a suite of solutions that deepen learning in literacy, math, science, and social studies.

  113. Operoo     SchoolStatus

    SchoolStatus acquired Operoo, a global software provider that enables schools, clubs, and associations to automate, manage, and track operational tasks.

  114. Blackboard     Anthology

    Blackboard merged with Anthology. Blackboard is an enterprise education technology company, most commonly known for their Blackboard learning management system.

  115. Tynker     BYJU'S $200mm

    BYJU'S acquired Tynker, a K-12 coding platform serving 100 million students across 150,000 schools.

  116. Rasmussen University     American Public Education, Inc. $329mm

    American Public Education, Inc. acquired Rasmussen University, a private, for-profit university with over 10,000 students.

  117. Follett School Solutions     Francisco Partners

    Francisco Partners acquired Follett School Solutions, the Follett Corporation's K-12 content and software division.

  118. Whodat     BYJU'S

    BYJU'S acquired Whodat, an augmented reality platform.

  119. Epic     BYJU'S $500mm

    BYJU'S acquired Epic, a digital reading platform for kids under 12 - containing 40,000 digital books across 250+ publishers.

  120. Toppr     BYJU'S $150mm

    BYJU'S acquired Toppr, an India-based exam and board prep company.

  121. Gradeup     BYJU'S

    BYJU'S acquired Gradeup, an exam prep platform.

  122. Great Learning     BYJU'S $600mm

    BYJU'S acquired Great Learning, India's largest professional learning company serving over 9 million students in over 170 countries.

  123. Learning Pool     Marlin Equity

    Marlin Equity acquired Learning Pool, an employee training company that provides onboarding, compliance training, and skills development for over 5 million learners each year.

  124. HashLearn     BYJU'S

    BYJU'S acquired HashLearn, a tutoring app.

  125. BrightPath Education Services     Colibri

    Colibri acquired BrightPath Education Services, a North Carolina provider of qualifying and continuing education for appraisal and real estate.

  126. WyzAnt     IXL Learning

    IXL Learning acquired WyzAnt, an online marketplace that matches students with its network of 65,000 tutors.

  127. Aakash Educational Services     BYJU'S $950mm

    BYJU'S acquired Aakash Educational Services, a test prep company that provides coaching and preparation for competitive exams.

  128. Pluralsight     Vista Equity Partners

    Vista Equity Partners acquired Pluralsight, a workforce development solution used by over 17,000 customers.

  129. Meazure Learning     Gryphon Investors

    Gryphon Investors acquired Meazure Learning, an exam delivery and online proctoring service.

  130. Certica Solutions     Instructure

    Instructure acquired Certica Solutions, a K-12 assessment and data analytics solutions company that integrates district data from multiple sources.

  131. Pear Deck     GoGuardian

    Pear Deck merged with GoGuardian, Pear Deck is used by 8 million educators across 17,000 schools to improve academic achievement and classroom culture.

  132. Hoonuit     PowerSchool

    PowerSchool acquired Hoonuit, a K-12 data management and analytics company.

  133. Carnegie Learning     Madison Dearborn Partners

    Madison Dearborn Partners acquired Carnegie Learning, a K-12 personalized learning software offering assessments, curriculum and professional learning solutions.

  134. Actimo     Kahoot!

    Kahoot! acquired Actimo, a mobile platform that helps companies improve communications and connect efficiently with their employees.

  135. TargetX     Liaison International

    Liaison International acquired TargetX, an enterprise-wide CRM solution for colleges to manage relationships with prospects, students, alumni and potential donors.

  136. WhiteHat Jr.     BYJU'S $300mm

    BYJU'S acquired WhiteHat Jr., a coding platform for kids - offering live 1:1 online instruction.

  137. Instructure     Thomas Bravo $2B

    Thomas Bravo acquired Instructure, the company that created the learning management system Canvas.

  138. Teachable     Hotmart $250mm

    Hotmart acquired Teachable, a marketplace for teachers to sell online courses.

  139. Vocabulary.com     IXL Learning

    IXL Learning acquired Vocabulary.com, a library of over 15,000 words and a platform to help students grow their vocabulary.

  140. Galvanize     K12 Inc.

    K12 Inc. acquired Galvanize, offering full-time and part-time immersive online bootcamps in software engineering and data science

  141. Clustree     Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone OnDemand acquired Clustree, an artificial intelligence solution for career training and development.

  142. Smart Sparrow     Pearson $25mm

    Pearson acquired Smart Sparrow, a paltform that gives faculty and instructional designers tools to create adaptive courses.

  143. Education.com     IXL Learning

    IXL Learning acquired Education.com, a platform serving PK-5 students with 30,000 learning resources.

  144. Thinkful     Chegg $80mm

    Chegg acquired Thinkful, a technology bootcamp specializing in engineering, data science, data analytics and design.

  145. Trilogy Education     2U $750mm

    2U acquired Trilogy Education, an education company that specializes in software development bootcamps for universities.

  146. Fullstack Academy     Zovio $50.75mm

    Zovio acquired Fullstack Academy, a New York-based software development school specializing in - development, cybersecurity, data analytics, DevOps, and product management.

  147. Osmo     BYJU'S $120mm

    BYJU'S acquired Osmo, an educational game and content development company.