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Senior Director of Customer Experience & Revenue Operations

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🗓️ February 6th, 2024

K-12 Operations
Everyday Speech is a leader in Social-Emotional Learning. Primarily a teaching solution for public schools, our Social Learning Platform (SLP) provides educators with curriculum materials for students of ALL ages across special education and general education classes. Our curriculums teach students the strategies and life skills they need to regulate their emotions, solve problems, cope with the stresses of modern life, and interact with the world around them. Our platform is used in 2,500 school districts in the US and has impacted millions of students around the world.

Everyday Speech is right for you if: 

You care about making a positive impact.

End each day knowing that your work had a direct impact on the well-being of hundreds of thousands of at-risk students across the world. Project success means more than just shipping features - it means improving the lives of students and educators. 

You value being a part of a company that takes care of its team.

Not only do we have extremely happy team members, we also have incredible perks. Participate in our health/wellness and retirement benefit offerings, and between having every other Friday off (3-day weekends!) and our flexible PTO plan, that elusive work-life balance is an actual thing here.

You want to work for a true, remote-only company.

We’ve never had an office and never will. Our team is spread across 11 countries and 4 continents. We take remote work seriously and know how to support a distributed team. We give you the flexibility to work in a way that’s best for you, but still have high standards and accountability.

You want to join a startup that is growing rapidly *and* sustainably.

We have launched new products, maintained NPS scores of 70+, maintained eNPS (internal, employee score) of 90+, rapidly grown our team, and exponentially increased our user base, all over the last few years.  Yet, as a fully bootstrapped company, our growth is organic and sustainable. Our focus is delivering value to students and educators, not paying back investors.

The Senior Director of Customer Experience & Revenue Operations will be responsible for overseeing our sales, customer success, and revenue operations teams. We are seeking someone with a background in sales and customer success, who is energized by building a world class team, loves figuring out what it takes to scale both revenue and impact on our educators and students, and leads with empathy and trust.

We’re in a scale-up phase and looking to achieve our next phase of growth. The Senior Director of Customer Experience & Revenue Operations will help us accelerate our current hybrid Product-Led Growth & Sales Assist motion, which has been very successful in getting us to this point, while adding additional motions that help us generate momentum and win the largest school districts in the country.

The ideal candidate is someone that is values aligned:

  • Starts with empathy, knowing when to praise and when to challenge.

  • Ruthlessly prioritizes and says no to the “trivial many” in exchange for saying yes to the “vital few”.

  • Creates momentum, not letting the small stuff hold them back and learning through action.

  • Is fearlessly objective, constantly asking “Why?” and is not afraid to find answers, even if it means they were wrong.

  • Exercises agency, solving problems no one asked them to solve and speaking up when something isn’t working.

Your work will have a significant impact on our sales and our company’s growth, directly influencing the educational & life experience of an entire generation of learners.

In this role, you will:

  • Build a world class team: Create a culture you’re proud of that provides our team with the best experience they’ve ever had and allows them to reach their full potential.

  • Lead, manage, and grow our sales, customer success, support, and revenue operations teams: Providing full-cycle sales support that continually adds value and provides our customers with an amazing experience and can scale with the growing needs of the business.

  • Own revenue for the entire organization: Iterate on our organizational design, customer journey, compensation plans, pricing and packaging, and overall strategy to grow revenue significantly.

  • Have a seat on the Executive Leadership Team: Work closely with the rest of the Executive Team to solve the biggest problems in the organization.

What We’re Looking For:

In addition to values alignment…

  • Leadership and culture building: Ability to create a vision for their organization and blaze a trail to get there. Lead and motivate a team that is relentlessly getting better, always focusing on the most important work, and creating an environment of candidness, trust, and empathy.

  • Previous ownership of revenue at scale: Experience in revenue leadership at a company that scaled significantly during their tenure.

  • K-12 background: Background in selling technology products to K-12 public school districts.

  • Full-cycle sales experience: Pre & Post sales leadership experience, including building the foundations - comp plans, quotas, metrics.

  • Revenue Operations experience: History of creating and iterating upon the customer journey, pricing & packaging, and leveraging technology to effectively scale.

In the first 3 months, you will:

  • Onboard and assess: Familiarize yourself with the team, products, customer journey, and current strategic focuses. Build key relationships and conduct an initial assessment of the team dynamics. Identify strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement.

  • Lead and focus the team on our current strategy:  Collaborate with leadership to understand product and market nuances. Gain a deep understanding of current company strategy. Begin creating and refining projects, plans, and practices to meet our medium-to-long-term aims.

In the long term, you will:

  • Continuously build momentum: Focus on team building, mentoring, and professional development and learn from those conversations so you can solve for gaps in the overall abilities of the team. Help the team to continuously prioritize the most impactful work first, and discover new ways for the team to deliver.

  • Lead vision, strategy, and innovation: Adapt our strategies to align with business objectives and market trends. Partner with the executive team to create a shared vision of excellence and innovation. Adjust the strategy, add new GTM motions, and iterate on our organizational design to best fit the evolving needs of the company.

  • Own strategic execution: Go out and win. Help us positively impact as many educators and students as we possibly can.

Note: We are only able to consider US-based candidates for this role. 

Salary: $287,400 with expected growth based on company goals in 2024


For US Hires:

  • Cigna health insurance - 100% premium coverage for team members and 50% coverage for dependents

  • Dental and Vision coverage - 100% premium coverage for team members and 50% coverage for dependents

  • 3% employer-match on 401k

  • $50k life insurance / AD&D

  • Flexible PTO Plan

  • Separate sick leave policy

  • Home office reimbursements

  • Meaningful DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging) initiatives with optional employee panel participation

  • Every other Friday off after 90 days!